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The Sharma Raman lab is an interdisciplinary research group working in the areas of Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Biology, and Materials Science. The group focuses on probing and characterizing the underlying chemistry and physics of biological processes. The long range research goal of the group is the use of innovative Raman spectroscopic methods to create new approaches to understand biology. Specifically, we are developing methods for early detection of disease (both in vitro and in vivo detection), as well as methods for chemical and biological sensing.

Latest News

Recent Publications

Congratulations to Josh on his Analytical Chemistry paper on SERS of Cortisol.

Congratulations to Amber, Taylor and Brian on their Analyst paper on SESORS of Neurochemicals.

Congratulations to Taylor and Ian!

Taylor and Ian both successfully defended their honors theses. Congratulations!

Sharma group research highlighted in “Spectroscopy”

The group’s recent work on in vitro and in vivo neurotransmitter sensing is highlighted in the online newsletter “Spectroscopy.” Congratulations to the group, and especially Amber, who did all of the highlighted work.

Detecting Neurotransmitters Using SERS and SESORS

Amber successfully defends her dissertation!


Congratulations to Amber for successfully defending her dissertation on August 8, 2018. She is moving onto a postdoctoral position with the FDA. Good luck with the new position and thank you for everything you did for the group. We’re going to miss you!

2018 Chemistry Honors Day

Several members of the group were awarded scholarships at the 2018 Chemistry Honors Day!

Congratulations to Ian (Dr. Lucy E. Scroggie Scholarship), Taylor (C.A. Buehler Chemistry Scholarship) and Amber (Gleb Mamantov Graduate Chemistry Scholar)!

Posters on the Hill 2018

Congratulations to Taylor for having her undergraduate research poster titled “Neurological Disease Detection Using Laser Technology” accepted for the Posters on the Hill meeting. Taylor was one of 60 students selected out of more than 400! Great job Taylor!

Welcome to the new group members!

Graduate students Alyssa Daniel and Grace Sarabia, along with undergraduate students Anna Stewart and Annabeth Vannucci have joined the group.

The group’s first paper!

Congratulations to Amber and Peymon on publication of the group’s first paper, “Surface-enhanced spatially offset Raman spectroscopy detection of neurochemicals through the skull” in Analytical Chemistry.

2017 Chemistry Honors Day

Congratulations to all award winners at today’s Chemistry Honors Day.

The group did really well at Honors Day: Josh received the 2nd Year Graduate Student Award; Taylor was awarded the Lucy Scroggie Scholarship; and Peymon received the ETS-ACS Award. Way to go guys!

EuRECA 2017!

Congratulations to the undergraduate researchers in the group (Roxanne Puleo, Emily Kounvalong, Taylor Payne, and Katherine West) for their 1st Place Award in Neuroscience at EuRECA 2017!